Working At Home

Working at home can be both wonderful and terrible. Depends on the person and the day.

I am a cellist and mother to three adorable children. When I am not traveling for concerts, I spend most of my time working from home.

A musician needs to practice alone and to rehearse with other musicians or groups. In addition, we must run our business including calls and emails to presenters, social media updates, be in constant contact with managers and publicists, with composers and conductors, and in my case, I also check in regularly with my producer and my husband. Each helps with different aspects of my business.

I like working at home when:
– No telemarketers disturb me.
– I am motivated from within and excited by upcoming projects and deadlines.
– No one else is at home besides me.

I don’t like working at home when:
– The phone rings exactly when I am on the verge of discovering the truth about one particular phrase or when inspiration is here.
– I have an important concert coming up, and my kids are at home. Our caregiver is wonderful and hands on, but the walls are thin, and I can hear if someone is crying or if the TV is on or if the intercom is buzzing.

I also get lonely sometimes and crave the company and energy from other musicians to keep me going.

The fridge is beckoning. Hmmm. Should I have another biscotti with my third morning coffee?

I read the paper. I surf the net and suddenly it’s 3pm. School pickup time.

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