Bach Masterclass: Allemande from Suite No. 1 – Musings with Inbal Segev

Hello Cellists,

Respectability, calm, and lively are some of the words Bach contemporaries used to describe the character of this movement, which is important to keep in mind as we look at how to approach the alla breve time signature among other things.

I hope those of you who are learning this piece will find this video helpful in taking your performance to the next level.

Below is a short reading list and helpful links for studying the Bach cello suites. Please let me know if you have any comments and/or questions, I would love to hear from you. Thank you for watching!!

Download the most important sources we have of the suites right here for free

“The Fencing Master” and the sequel, “Bach and the Happy Few,” are both must reads if I may say so, written by THE baroque cellist of our time, Anner Bylsma. Available here

Another must-have is Barenreiter’s urtext edition, which contains facsimiles of the manuscript copies in the hand of Anna Magdalena Bach, Johann Peter Kellner, as well as the Westphal library manuscript (anonymous copiers), first editions, and more.  Available here

Allen Winold’s book: Bach’s Cello Suites: Analyses and Explorations. Available here

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